Crafty Crow, Hydraulics & Buzzing Beehives

I’ve had a week heavy with “things to do” which left me little time to sit and write here…

I’ve been taking my millions of photos as usual, waiting for the chance to write a post, and so when I sat down to check emails and my RSS feed this morning I spotted that my our “Michaels Easter Chicken Tutorial

had been featured on The Crafty Crow!! You cannot imagine my excitement!! I have had The Crafty Crow on my blog feed since the start and have been endlessly inspired with fantastic ideas, and have found so many of the blogs that I now follow. Put simply, I am beside myself with delight (and Michael is very chuffed too!!)

And since shortly I will be going back out to talk to my seedlings, I’ll just post a few pictures of what has been going on around here…

My mother bought this water-game for the children, who, in sun and rain, have been pumping water into the canals, talking hydraulics (this has generated more discussion on rivers, canals, tsunamis and water tables than you could ever imagine) and generally sloshing around with very wet socks!!

their Lego mini-figures have been working the waterways!!

The hive is, literally, buzzing… the smell of honey when you stand near it!! Yesterday, in the warm sunshine, hundreds of bees were flying in and out laden with pollen. Fergal and I decided to add on a “super” which is an extra box that goes on top of the beehive separated by a wire grid, which is a “queen excluder”: this is to stop the queen from going up and laying eggs in, what will hopefully be, frames of honey by the end of the summer!

(and luckily we did add on the super, as the bottom box was almost full of honey when we lifted the lid)

The field beyond the beehive is full of dandelions, and on almost every flower there is a bee foraging for pollen

And more willow cut to continue our willow fence!

I love these warm, spring weekends!