Yarn Along

I’m joining Ginny once again for Yarn Along…

I was setting up the photo this morning (thinking I was very organised getting it all done nice and early) when I was intercepted by a small girl who added her book and her dolls to the photo too…

…then began to wreck havoc add to my crochet:

(The dolls in the background are known as The Gentle Dolls in our house (I’ll add a post about them shortly, the deserve one of their own))

The book I’m reading is

The Right Brain Business Plan by Jennifer Lee

(well, more dipping in and out of it when I get a minute) and Grace is reading

Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers

(she never tires of these stories- we have three based around this boy and we read them over and over, and she loves the fact there is a penguin (or as she says: pen-goo-in) in some of them)

The crochet? Well, I finished the scarf (I won’t add it here, as I’ve already gone over my one photo quota) and I’m very happy with it! So I began something else. Still don’t have a clue what I will make with this one (although Grace has decided it is a blanket for the Gentle Dolls, I’m more veering towards another scarf or a bag. And besides, she has robbed back my dishcloth that I won from Gail and is using that as a blanket for these dolls)

Any ideas?? I will be very bold and add just one more photo, and any suggestions will be gratefully received!!