Yarn Along

Joining Ginny again this week for Yarn Along!

 I have a bit of a preamble to my crochet this week: I have been wandering around aimlessly in the crochet department of my head for a while… started the blanket, but am a bit ambivalent towards it, I’m just not inspired….


Several times in the past 2 weeks I’ve spotted motif-based “Irish crochet” and freeform crochet everywhere I look. And as a default I always seem to return to making motifs:- flowers, etc. I have, as they say here in the west of Ireland, a gra for it! So that’s where I’m heading. Years ago, I spent 6 glorious months crocheting my wedding dress (coat, more like). I was following an idea in my head, had no pattern as such, and had never tried this kind of project before (!) 

Thankfully, a week before my wedding I put it together 

(not finished, or anything!! That was 2 days before) 

(somethings never change)

 And it fit!! And I was ultra-pleased with it!

So. Where that all is going is here: 

I’m on my second one now, similar colours, similar size. Not sure what I’ll assemble these into… I doubt anything bigger than a scarf or bag, but I must say, crocheting away without rhyme or reason is just wonderful.

(I’ve decided to be honest with myself: I just don’t do patterns. Never have, never will…)

 And as for books- all usual, I have several on the go: 

The Secret Life of the Unborn Childcompletely fascinating

Freeform Crochet and Beyond– I just love this book, and come back to it about once a month…

Homeopathy for Home and Garden– I’ve been using homeopathy on our plants (and ourselves and our animals!!!) for years, with fantastic results. This book is just inspiring.

 Last week I hardly got around to see anyone else, “Life” took over and I hardly had time to blink. Today, however, I’m so looking forward to extended visiting hours to see what everyone else is reading and crafting, check out the links here.