The Garden Thus Far

The weather is turning here- after the most beautiful warm spring days, it is looking a tad overcast 🙁

Boo hoo… 

(The funny blue false-nail like things on the left are plastic cut from a bottle which we used as our labels, the toilet roll inserts we cut in half and used to plant our peas, the boys planted their own pumpkins and sunflowers, and the dock leaves are a sign that Grace might be transferring her beheading skills from flowers to docks… here’s hoping)

Thankfully we got our seeds planted yesterday- I usually start in February (the excitement overtakes me) and by the end of March I have long, leggy seedlings with nowhere to go (polytunnel and ground just not warm enough)

Yesterday, in the sun (at the end of MARCH!!), we planted our seeds sitting on the bench in the yard- I also stopped myself from buying packets of seeds for things we will never, ever eat

(like rare Peruvian dingledongs that need constant singing to, and a temperature just so)

(not that there is such a thing, mind you)

I told Grace that she was to talk to her plants to make them grow- so every time she put a pea in she would say

“Grow my likky plant, grow!” 

How could they not grow after that?!

Ready to be transferred to the polytunnel! Everything labelled and dated (and yet I have no doubt that courgettes will grow, looking incredibly like broad beans…)

Our childrens favourite place to play… the polytunnel. Every year we give them a “patch”, – it works well; when we are working out there, they are in their part making mud pies, castles and townscapes

(usually with my good cutlery and cups…)

After many heated discussions, beloved husband and I settled on our vegetable-garden plan.

The problem with being married to my wonderful husband is, that he states what he is going to do, then he nods and agrees with everything I say, all the counter-arguments I have made; then goes ahead and does what he planned anyway….

But we had agreed on a living willow perimeter fence for the plot, so last night, off he went to the end of the garden to our other sally garden with his two gnome-helpers…

and within a half hour, my utterly stubborn, incredibly creative, beloved husband had started making this:

(Mr. Gappy Teeth insisted on this photograph for the blog (!))

I’ll photograph the progress of this. It was too dark last night to photograph how he had woven the willow together.

It’s just beautiful.

(And I just might forgive him his subborn insistence after all)