Massacre of the Daffodils

Our smallest little one has been picking daffodils, or should I say the heads of daffodils again…

With utter excitement, she proudly presents me with handfuls of these fragrant, golden flower-heads; no amount of gentle explaining and demonstrating how to pick them with a (long) stem is working. I reckon this must be a toddlers right of passage…

And so, note the bald patches in our daffodil bed:

I’m just so glad that she cannot reach the beautiful flowers emerging from our magnolia!!

As anyone well accustomed to beheaded daffodils will testify: it is practically impossible to find anything to sit them into; they just keep ‘popping’ out… so I had a look for some oasis to sit them into, and when that didn’t materialize, I thought of using a shallow dish of wet sand. 

Ivy for decoration, wet sand in a shallow bowl, beautiful glass cake stand and beheaded daffodils.

My initial idea was to create an Easter decoration under the glass dome, but when I put the daffodils in the bowl then wrapped the bowl with ivy, put the dome on, they just looked squashed in.

So I ditched the dome-idea, and just used the glass pedestal. The fragrance from the daffodils is beautiful and they bring a burst of golden joy to the room. And best of all, I’m using the flower-heads that would probably have withered before tomorrow!