Yarn Along

I’m joining Ginny from Small Things again this week. 

My crochet blanket is trundling along, but today while having tea and Jaffa Cakes in the warm, warm sun (oh, gosh, the Jaffa cravings!!!! I had to forcibly stop myself from eating the whole packet and actually share them with my Jaffa-mad children)

I decided to try out a few new yarns (new, as in, I haven’t used them before- but they are ones I’ve had for ages, waiting for the right thing to make)

I sat crocheting with the sun on my back, crocheting, ripping, crocheting, ripping… you know one of those days? I made some flowers, and some crochet discs (for some more assembled tags like I made here) and Grace asked for a hat for her baby… which I made, then ripped back, it was decidedly lop-sided- my mind wandered mid-stitching (never a good idea)


The book I’m reading is The Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs (thanks Teresa & Tara!), and I’m really enjoying it! 

(The tulips, by the way, were ones beheaded by Grace, she doesn’t quite understand the need for a stem yet…)