Advent, Day 11

We did a little bit of Christmas shopping today…

and spent more time counting out our cents this morning than actually shopping!!

Of course, no list + four children intent on making sure they are fed enough + shops that are crammed= makes for not a most enjoyable experience… and to add to our woes, the charity/thrift shop that was the centre of our shopping binge was *not open*.

Eeek. so now we will have to go to town again next week to buy, most likely, all those toys that I have donated over the past few months (“Hey! Look at this! Remember we had one just like this?!”)

Thankfully, we have plenty made, and plenty of makes-in-progress (whew)

This week, I received in the post, these storybook cookie cutters I bought on Etsy. Aren’t they fab? I might make them in salt dough rather than cookie dough, because I don’t think they will be eaten one way or the other!

We are putting up our Christmas tree tomorrow, and officially decorating the house for Christmas.

I simply cannot wait!!