Advent, Day 10: The Tea Party

Advent, Day 10: The Tea Party

 Some while ago, my mother gave us a beautiful tea set, which has been languishing at the top of a cupboard, as I didn’t want it to get broken, and our smallest isn’t quite imbued with finesse yet….

 But yesterday we took it down to have a look, and marvel at how cute, how small, how delicate (said with emphasis while giving “the look” to the youngest) it was.

We had a little tea party there and then, the two smallest and I, with Hot-Chocolate-Tea in the little tea pot and speaking ever-so-nicely to each other (“Pass the sugar, please, m’dear” “oh, jolly good!” “Spiffing tea mater”)


And so, this morning when I was making the 3 dozen fairycakes

(lest my little darlings might feel peckish at some stage during the day)

I decided to make some miniature fairy cakes using petit four cases I just happened to have squirrelled away in my baking box.

This afternoon, I set it up on a little wooden stool complete with the lace cloth and more Hot Chocolate Tea. 

This pastries stand was one we had for sale in our shop, perfect for the fairycakes!

Little ones spent a long while pouring tea, and enjoying the finer points of life until the wildest smallest began to spoon the sugar into herself, bypassing the cup of tea altogether. 

And then we were all done, our little tea set was carefully washed, and back into the box for another tea party, another day!