Meet: Jennifer, Joan & Trevor

I’m late! As usual!! These Fridays come around, sometimes far too fast… I have many things “on the go” (what’s new?!) and am just waiting on the perfect time/location/light to photograph them…

 But for the moment… let me introduce…


Jennifer is a wily duck. She keeps her eyes on all that is going on and likes to be the one in the know (before anyone else). She likes to have first dibs on any fresh puddle of water, but her new owners would perhaps want to keep her warm and dry so that her upcycled 100% Irish felted wool body doesn’t felt further…! Jennifer would only allow Laura Ashley gingham cotton on her bill and underside of her wings. It simply wouldn’t do to have anything less (Why, what would the neighbours say?)


Joan is a discerning duck. She too, is delighted that Laura Ashley gingham cotton has been used for her finer points, and is rather chuffed that her body markings are completely unique to her, with their distinctive pink stripes. Joan is, in fact, completely comfortable in her own skin, and doesn’t need to know anything about anybody… she is happiest listening to her eclectic mix of music and perhaps browsing through some literary delights.


Trevor could be called, if he wasn’t a duck: hen-pecked. A gentle soul, he meanders through life: a warm, wool companion… he needs some kindly fellow journey-er to ponder on life and indulge in the finest brown bread (Pat the Baker soda bread please, if home-made isn’t on offer) Trev likes to think himself “a bit hip”, but frankly, he’s not really. Simple, relatively uncomplicated, happy to chill out away from the women (that Jennifer can be a bit bossy at times)


There are more to come! You wouldn’t believe the enjoyment I’ve had making these ducks- each are made with “upcycled” wool blankets that I felted and am using for… oh, so many things (photos will follow!!) 

They will be listed in our shop and Etsy later. 

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