Delicious yarns!





We came home from my mothers house yesterday. A delivery man had phoned me to say that he was leaving a parcel, so with much anticipation I bolted from the car to look for the box which I knew would (should!!) be yarn I had ordered AGES ago. Well, we searched. In sheds, under the boat, the old,old henhouse, now a bicycle store… but no. Completely perplexed I decided to phone the delivery company to make sure he had left it, when Fergal knocked on the window, pointing to the found box. Perhaps we should have thought like a delivery man (!), and looked behind the lean-to stable behind the shop. I had said to leave it under the gazebo behind the house….. !!!!!

But anyway, Michael my son and I delved in and arranged all those gorgeous yarns in boxes, as seen here in the photos. I’m hoping to make up kits with instructions for the shop, if there is any of this gorgeous yarn (4ply cotton) left after I do all my “projects” that I have been planning…! These are the yarn that we (Bernadette-fellow crochet-er and I) used to create the cushion covers and bar stool covers for Kellys Pub in Galway (nicest pub I’ve seen in years)CRIM0141 (pictured here on my very comfy sofa). I’m in the middle of a few different projects-crocheting pinks and greens into a granny square and attaching a felted head which I will embroider, to make into a towel doll for a baby. I’ve found my camera eventually today, so I’ll take some photos and post them on later. Until then! x