Naked leaps, crochet and hairy dogs

There is simply nothing worse than being in the shower and realising when you are thoroughly soaked that you have no shampoo-or soap- or anything bar water for that matter, and you have to take a naked wet leap across the bathroom (can’t find glasses so blind as a bat) to find something to clean yourself with. Toilet cleaner? ah, no, I’ll pass. Body Lotion, goats milk bath soak, Gaia detangler… AHHH!!!! at last, a bar of soap, and YES!! A bottle of shampoo (do they have an expiry date? Oh. They do. Couldn’t see under the inch of dust. After I have washed my hair. Thought it smelled dodgy.)
So I have now a full stocked shower cubicle. Should an entire army ever land on my doorstep, there are enough sweet smelling bottles up there to clean them all. But moving swiftly on….
Inroads have been made into the yarn stocks, and plans are afoot for further cushioned delights for the pub (most of the cushions and a few stool covers we made previously were stolen- I’m swinging between outrage at the theft and being chuffed that someone would like them enough to walk out with one stuffed up their jumper).

I have one doll almost completed, with 2 more sewn and ready to assemble (In the photo, note: evening light denoting the late hour)(and the many cups of tea). I have made little cloth nappies and oooh, the dolls are simply lovely to hold. They are stuffed with sheepswool, as is in the Waldorf tradition, which absorbs the scents that baby is familiar with; these type of dolls are often called “bonding dolls”. I am crocheting little caps that will be their hair, and have made little velvet clothes. My plan is to crochet little vests too, to make them ultra-cute!!








But the hour is late- Again. I have to prepare the porridge oats for breakfast, feed our hairy bundle, a.k.a Pebbles the dog, most of the neighbourhood cats, and a couple of hedgehogs. and then, at last, I think it is time I went to bed…..