Supper with the Aunties

3406298_mediumWe had the most lovely supper with my three aunties tonight. My  mothers’ three sisters (three of nine, 15 siblings altogether!!) all live in the same town and since we were up visiting, my mother planned an evening with an old fashioned salad (no dressing on the lettuce!, boiled eggs, tomatoes, rolled ham and turkey) and the lovely aunties brought out rhubarb tarts and fruit cake. So we set the table with the gold-rimmed tea set that my mother was given as a wedding present many moons ago (there is nothing lovelier than leaf tea in china cups with a saucer) and had napkins and everything presented in little bowls that are never used. And that alone generated so much conversation. I think every tea time and lunch and afternoon tea and tea/coffee break should be a matter of ceremony. I love making hot scones and jam, whipping up cream in a little bowl, and setting the table: bringing out the lovely cups and saucers, plates and milk jug when my friends come around. Life is too short to keep all those lovely pieces in the glass cabinet! My most recent additions were these gorgeous polka-dot cups and saucers from Laura Ashley- a delight every time I use them!! On that note…..