Happy New Year!

I was going to start this on the 1st of January, but Fergal has this theory about starting anything on the 1st as he reckons it is doomed to fail… so here I am, I didn’t even manage to get to started on the 2nd as planned, but hoping a 3rd of January start will be an auspicious one!! 🙂

Our little ones are all asleep at last after a busy day, Baby Rosebud snuggled up in her daddy’s arms and the boys curled around each other like three kittens in their newly adopted bed in the “guest room”. This is a futon which we made up into a bed for visitors staying and they thought it would be very exciting to sleep there a couple of nights ago. They now have decided that the smallest room in the house is the nicest, and they are quite happy to bury down between their brothers and blankets, books and soft toys and have no intention of returning to their previous (largest room in the house) bedroom… I had reservations about this sleeping arrangements thinking that they would be complaining of no space and being kicked etc., but au contraire!!! They haven’t sleep so well since I don’t know when….

We went to visit Fergals sister in Co. Clare this afternoon, stopping in Portumna for a quick run around the woods. It was beautiful, the forest was silhouetted against the darkening misty grey-blue sky, but my goodness, it was COLD!!! The smallest boy became so cold I had to wrap him up several times in my scarf, he looked like a Claddagh shawlie!! From there we went visiting and didn’t get home until almost 8.30. The middle boy had asked for a bath and then hot cocoa and cookies in front of the stove wrapped in our furry blanket, so how could we refuse such a request?! So after a hot dunking, cocoa (and the rest of my orange-chocolate) they retired to their nest in the-smallest-room-of-the-house (why ever did we bother to build another room on?!)

I’ve decided to make intentions for 2009, and hope that if I write them down I might fulfil them, although my past history has never shown that to work!! But, for the record, :

1. Write my Christmas cards in June and post them in November (as opposed to running out of time, as per usual)

2. Print or make my cards in February. Mantra: YOU CAN NEVER BE TOO EARLY

3. Organise my boxes of craft materials

4. Get felting, and stop procrastinating

5. Perfect my Waldorf-headed-doll-with-sock-body-prototype. (I’ll post photos)

6. Remember to bring yarn and my (new, hand-turned!! Thank you Olivia!!) crochet hook in my bag for car journeys or for those times when I’m anywhere!, drinking tea and Baby is asleep and I could be working away (Just think what kind of production rate I could have!!)

7. Prepare canvas’ and have paints and brushes on the ready so I can leap into painterly action.

I’m sure I have another hundred or so intentions, I really think I could do with another 24 hours in every day…
I’ll take photos and post them of the very cute petal hat I made for our little baby with ‘Snowflake’ yarn, it is so soft and delicious. If I can remember how I made it I’ll post instructions too, but i’m a bit free-range with the whole crochet-making. (But lived one of my intentions in bringing the hook and yarn to Clare today!!!) (Getting somewhere!!)

Happy New Year!