Aaaand we’re off! 2019 Book of Days

Firstly, thank you for the enormous interest: it really helped give me the final push over the line when I was flagging! We have now entered the pre-production phase, where I enlist my wonderful, talented sister, Blaithin, in Dataprint to translate these paintings and illustrations into graphics and from there, printed onto paper. Very exciting, and slightly terrifying! The real “work” of the book is starting (it’s hugely labour intensive, as each book is put together by our own fair hands!).

(You are the entire ocean in a drop, The wonders we seek outside us, All good things are wild and free; wording to be added!)

A few changes this year (all good!) The price remains the same: €20 per Book of Days; I’ve been advised to raise the price, being what it is, but… I will have to ruminate on that and see how I feel and what I feel is fair, to both you and me. So for 2019, it stays at €20. The postage, stays at the fixed, flat rate of €8, no matter how many you order. I have no control over this: I am crucified by postage costs every year (and yes, I feel it is completely ridiculous that the postage price is almost half the price of the book, grrrr).

But! Notebooks will be cheaper: €8 (rather than €9) and the Bundle: 1 Book of Days and 3 Notebooks will be less at €40 (rather than €42.50)

I have some lovely customers who, every year, purchase a *few* Books of Days. For anyone who orders 3 or more, there will be 10% off their order. I will have to do this at source (as a refund) as my techy skills are simply incapable of working out such calculations… Or email me at and I will invoice you instead.

For orders outside of Ireland, please email me at and I will invoice you with the correct shipping, approximately €3 more.

So all that is left to say is that I am opening the pre-order book today. I‘ve created a whole page here (On the navigational bar under my header image on the main blog page). The order book closes on the 10th of November so we can get these done and posted in good time.

Here are some posts showing the Book of Days from other years: 2015, 2016, & 2017. My Book of Days accompanies me throughout the year, getting a little more used and dog-eared with pages marked and bookmarked and more loved as I go. It becomes the hub of my days, a journal of our lives, of lists, of ideas, of observations. I would be lost without it!

I will post real actual pictures of the 2019 Book of Days when I have a real, actual book in my hands 😀

And now, all that’s left to say is, most importantly: Thank you, thank you thank you!