2018 Book of days Available for Pre-Order (at last!!)

I am so behind this year, I’m making myself wince. (And don’t remind me that I haven’t blogged in MONTHS. I know, I know)

 Only from the heart can you touch the sky-Rumi

Only from the heart can you touch the sky – Rumi


The 2018 Book of Days, and where it’s at: I am thankfully at the pre-production point- the artwork is all completed, Invocation written, a few new pages added… it’s all looking *rather lovely*!

What a wonderful world

What a wonderful world…

So, in the next week or two, I the 2018 Book of days will be in full production throttle, and I hope to start posting them out as soon as we print and assemble them (rather than waiting until the last minute and have vague heart attacks when they get lost in the post a few days before Christmas…)

Once I have the completed book in my hands I will do a full pictorial post, but for now, if you want to check out previous Book of days,  the 2016 is here and the 2015 one is here.

Some images of the 2017 Book of days are here:

Book of Days 2017 Cover

Book of Days 2017 Invocation

Book of Days 2017 inside pages 1

Book of days inside pages 2

Book of Days 2017 back cover


It will give you a flavour of what is to come for 2018…

Make the Ordinary come alive... the extraordinary will take care of itself

Make the ordinary come alive… the extraordinary will take care of itself

Some artwork images from this years Book of Days are sprinkled throughout the post as you can see… the quotes will be added digitally. I will do a full post of photos of the actual book as soon as I have it in my hands (I *may* even do a short video, although I think I have promised this before, and it never came to pass… but I may bribe a passing child to help me with the many technicalities I seem to find impossible (or have no interest in learning :O ) )IMG_20170723_164159_704 (3)Another change this year is that I have to increase the postage on the books. Last year An Post increased the postage a few weeks before Christmas, so I am praying they don’t throw another stunt like that… The price of the books remain the same (€20) and the postage is now €8.00 (irrelevant of how many you order, so more than one item will be still charged the flat rate)

IMG_20170917_125302_482 (3)

I WILL have notebooks in the coming week or two, and also Book of Days/Notebook bundles too (1 B.O.D + 3 Notebooks).

So…. for now! You can order here below or in my shop.

2018 Book of Days (Journal/Planner/Diary): €20 [+ €8 p+p]

2+ journals will still be charged the €8 p+p. 
You can email me at erainsfordryan@gmail.com if you have any queries 🙂

-For orders outside of Ireland, please email me at erainsfordryan@gmail.com and I will invoice you with the correct shipping, approximately €3 more.

******THANK YOU*******