Magic Wildflowers

5When I grow up, I’m going to do some garden designing (oh! oh! and house designing; in fact, I could/would probably do it all in an obsessive-compulsive way: design a house and garden at the same time and  then design and handprint all the interior textiles and ceramic tiles and curate the artwork for the wall and garden. The penultimate design service. I just need to increase my daily-hours-allowance from 24 to about. 40 hours to fit it all in. And employ a bevy of cleaners and nannies. Totally realistic then… Sigh)
But where was I? Oh yes.

2Anyway. I posted a picture a few blogposts ago of our wildflowers. Beloved Husband and I had had a conversation about not spreading flower seeds everywhere, but in the way of things that just happen, in a moment of unparalleled madness, (which I, naturally, have no memory whatsoever, I swear) these just flew in an arc of unfettered delight and landed neatly where I would have imagined they should be. Had we decided to spread the flower seeds in the garden.

Just. Like. Magic.

4They were (not wanting to be too hyperbolic about it): FABULOUS. We had a lot of bare, unseeded ground, which I think was the secret of “our” success, really. So if you are thinking about spreading these next year, perhaps dig over the space first to give them the best chance. I bought these in Lidl, for the very paltry sum of about €3.00 or thereabouts, and spread the wildflower seeds in the back garden, (completely unbeknownst to myself) and the summer flower seeds (can’t remember the exact name) around the gate. 1These ones were supplemented with a few shrubs, a few sweetpea and a few nasturtium plugs (these are baby plants that have been been started off and are about 6 inches tall, ready to be planted straight into the ground).

3(Thankfully I’m married to an excessively lovely and forgiving man who gave me the “I don’t actually believe you” narrowed-eye-stare when I eventually admitted to my (magical) seed indiscretion, but quickly forgave said aberration and is planning to spread more seed himself in the spring (flower seed. In the garden. Just, y’know, in case you thought that was a euphemism for something else. It was NOT).

(This is (yet another) unsponsored post by the way. We found the Lidl seeds to be brilliant and a great price, but every garden centre would have boxes of similar seeds)