Trail Kids Review

I want to tell you about this fantastic activity our kids have been going to (I mentioned it in the last blogpost): it’s called Trail Kids, and there are classes running all over the country.

Kevin facilitates the classes for ours in Mullaghcreelan woods (Athy, Co. Kildare) but there are classes other counties too (check the Trail Kids website or Facebook page for details)

trail-kids-logo-webIt is an hour long class, full of running, jumping, racing and climbing (depending on the place) It is the one hour of the week Liam and Grace talk about several times a day. It’s all with an emphasis and expectation of fun and the kids can push themselves as much as they can without any pressure. We collect two very filthy, sweaty, starving and incredibly happy children every week!

trail-kidsAnd now that Autumn well and truly has a hold, the bi-weekly evening classes are giving way for weekend classes, including adults classes: Strength and Conditioning for Trail Running. These are going to be based in Mullaghcreelan on Saturdays, and comprise of: “A high intensity fitness session based around natural movements, trail running and individualising sessions for you to get the most from your small group session. We will also offer a parent and child session where you can take your child with you, either in the buggy and keep an eye on them, or let them off for a trail kids session!”

Trail Kids also do Birthday Parties and Special Events days (seriously, what a brilliant idea):
“Looking for something different to do for your child’s birthday party, sports team or school tour? Let Trail Kids provide the entertainment and the cake! Guaranteed to be the “bestest” day ever and the most stress free. Take advantage of dissipating the boundless energy of your child’s party with a trail run and games in the forest. Our promise is to return them all happy and content, without the sugar rush from our homemade, natural, plant-based amazing treats. Get in touch regarding a quote for these events. We can tailor a package to suit your needs.”

Should you be lucky enough to have a Trail Kids in your area, I cannot recommend it highly enough (And do get in touch with them to see if they WILL come to your area). Kids need much more of this: fun, running and muck (and adults too 😄)

This is NOT a sponsored post. It is all my own opinions and experience of Trail Kids.

Go! Go on! Check them out!:
Trail Kids Website
Trail Kids on Facebook