Craft Advent 22: Mulled Fruit Punch

There are so many smells I associate with Christmas: mixed spice, cinnamon, fruit. I like to make up some of this fruit punch (usually on the Solstice) every year, and keep it slowly ticking away in the slow cooker, filling the house with an unmistakeable and delicious aroma of “Christmas”. ca22
This fruit punch is non-alcoholic, so perfectly suitable for all to enjoy. It is also super-simple; I just fire all the ingredients into the slow cooker, turn onto low and let it simmer away. You can also buy little sachets if you like; sometimes if I find some, and I’ll fire one or two in too. Like all slow food, let slowly meld together for long enough and it will taste delicious 🙂

What I use:

Fruit juice: I use orange juice and cranberry juice

Cinnamon sticks


Star Anise

Vanilla pods

Oranges, sliced

To serve: I like to ladle some into a glass and put a slice of orange with maybe a clove or two stuck into the rind. Enjoy warm or cold!