Christmas Gifts Sorted… (Hairy Baby Review & Giveaway)

I was recently asked to review some Christmas kids t-shirts from the Hairy Baby range. We are well acquainted with them here in this house, they are incredibly witty, and every time we go onto the site, we spend ages browsing through, falling around the place laughing. They not only have t-shirts, but hoodies, mugs, bags and more. They even have the official Fr.Ted merchandise!! (several Christmas presents sorted there) I was trying to find one or two examples, but, there was nearly a row over what ones were the best, so I pulled a few (just a few!!) pictures…:


hb3(how could you resist? Seriously…)

We received a beautifully boxed package this morning (I’m  a sucker for beautiful packaging)
Hilariously, as I was opening the box, James was jumping up and down beside me yelping “is it for me? Is it for meeee?!” And there, on the front of the box was their baby-logo and the caption:
“OH MY GOD IS THIS FOR ME!!!” which gave us all a laugh (except for James who nearly had a panic attack asking: “but is it? Is it for me?” !)

HBI wasn’t actually sure how many were inside, I had sent off the sizes for the three smallies, expecting one, and received three, -thank you Hairy Baby!!- so there were three very happy children this morning who may not wait until Christmas to wear their t-shirt (hold on, ah, yes. As I speak James is stripping. Delayed gratification is not his finest trait)

hb2These are gorgeous, really gorgeous. They are heavy weight and soft, and the quality of them are simply lovely. The print is clear, and the attention to detail is perfect: from the green bias tape (green being the signature colour) to the tag with logo.

Highly recommended as a Christmas -or anytime- present, they would be ideal for anyone who wants to buy something funny and clever (and looks and feels 100 times nicer than the average t-shirt) (And I defy you not to covet every.single.thing. on the site 🙂 ) Check out their fun Christmas present selection here!

I have a feeling with these t-shirts we will be sporting festive messages throughout the year ahead…


I am sharing a review on with a chance to win a €30 HairyBaby voucher, check it out here!

Disclaimer: I was given these t-shirts, for free, in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.
Top two picture collages are from, the bottom two collages are mine.