I’m 38 weeks pregnant today… feel like I’m about to burst, but I’m in good company as everywhere seems to be suddenly waking up and blossoming :-)

I’m tired and can feel I’m slowly closing, spiralling into myself: very, very soon we will be welcoming this Little One into our hearts and arms. Time seems to be slowing down and speeding up, all at the same time… I’m ready… I think!

Here are some snapshots of what’s happening around here…

1(The bottom right photo is of a pot of bulbs that our lovely friend Dorothy gave us at Christmas-time: it was planted to come into bloom when Baby was due. It is now in bloom as we wait these last few days! What a thoughtful, heart present; I just love it)

2(Tadpole season down the boreen… beyond exciting for small people… and their parents!)

3(We found a small skeleton in the willows. We think it is a small fox: a few months ago a friend of ours was over and spotted one that looked unwell. When we went out to investigate it was gone. Today we found this skull and the boys googled fox skulls and they reckon it is, indeed, the remains of the little fox. Another exciting find!)




11 thoughts on “Blossoming

  1. Oh Emily, how very, very exciting! I gave birth to my third boy at 38 weeks! It’s unbearable that fit to bursting feeling but at the same time, the end is so, so near. It is also very symbolic that all around you nature is birthing new life as well. Sending you much light and love. You have sent me right back to that pre birth time. xxxxx
    Wonderful Wagon recently posted…Some Stuff I Don’t Do or HaveMy Profile

  2. I hate to sound so American, but it’s so greeeeen! That’s because all our grass is yellow and withered after being stuck under the snow. I finally get why Americans are always so amazed by the greenth.

    Much, much love to you and your impending fledgling.

  3. Wow Emily-so close!Hope all goes fantastically well for you. I always loved week 38-so close yet still with a bit of time for you to relax and enjoy the closeness of your baby.Best of luck with it-looking forward to hearing all about the new arrival. xxx
    Aedín recently posted…Mini Free SpiritMy Profile

  4. Gorgeous photos. I remember that feeling well, when you’re about to burst! Hope all goes well for you. Take it easy. :0)

  5. Your blog is lovely. It touched a chord as I am in Australia for a few weeks visiting my new little grand-daughter Willow, who was born at 36 weeks, 4 weeks ago. She is doing great.

    May the Great Spirit of life bless you and your baby you in your birthing Emily.

    Carmel Duffy

  6. That is such a thoughtful gift, I’m going to remember to do that for someone else, so clever. You’ll have to join all the bursting forth, Emily! Best of luck!!!!

  7. Hi Em,
    Did I miss it!! you`re expecting again! Or did I simply forgot it………….. But how exiting for all of you! And again how blessed this child is with his/her mummy and daddy and all the siblings waiting to hold and love him or her.
    If I could I would come down and give you a hand like I do here the first 8 days after birth!! that would be fantastic, help out and catch up!!
    take care and enjoy your last days as a pregnant woman!!! xxx

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