My children are magpies. They find the most extraordinary things: rusted nuts and bolts, fossils, lichens and unusually shaped bones, stones and sticks.

Grace brought me in a recent haul:

Lichens; in detail these are incredibly beautiful. We have identified all these lichens from our Lichens in Ireland book (what lichen-geeks. I know)





And this really unusual, very beautiful branch; reminds me so much of Georgia O’ Keeffe:


P1010989 P1010990 P1010992


Do these excite you in the same way that they excite me?! I’ve been drawing these and cannot wait to use them as structure in my paintings 🙂

Talking of paintngs, do have a look at my dads blog here, he recently completed this painting, isnt it beautiful? And check out my That Curious Love of Green: I have found another Notebook Fanatic!!!