More of These Days

I had every intention this week of extruding several blogposts in order to force myself back on track of The Schedule.
And not that our week was particularly hectic… Although my head was… It’s just extraordinary how something small can knock you off The Schedule: James has been resisting sleep all week; he is sleeping fairly well at night, but won’t go to sleep until all hours and is waking early. I eventually had the wit to give him a remedy for teething tonight (no symptoms until he ran past me and bit my arm, then bit the door frame, and then his cup. Not in anger as such, more just a “I need to chomp!!” His cheeks were red, so I gave him Belladonna 30c, twice, and he settled asleep within fifteen minutes. Yay!)
I wrote the above last Friday (and still didn’t get to post it!!) All was true, except, the only bit I omitted to mention, that I can only see now in beautiful clarity, was that I was off last week. I couldn’t think outside my narrow focus of “poor me! I’m tired/frustrated/sad/whatever” I don’t know why that was… The moon? Stars? The planets aligned in a certain sequence? The trees looking at me with a wonky look in their eye? I’m feeling crap and I resonate that feeling throughout the house and everyone turns off, and when someone like James needs a remedy, my head is so far up my posterior I can’t see what is is in front of my eyes. Thankfully, it doesn’t happen often, I’m reckoning about once a year. But frankly, once a year is bloody well enough. I feel I lost around five days last week! And even though James is sleeping less and less, it hardly bothers me. Brings me to think how a problem is a problem, not by the problem per se, but how we react to it (if only I can now imprint that on my brain and dig it up next time everything goes bonkers)
Anyway, moving swiftly away from my lapses in Good Mental Judgement: we had the most beautiful days until last Thursday, (see photo above, the children ran around with no jumpers on, the sun was warm… Spring!!) and then the schizophrenic Irish weather decided to jump to the opposite end of the weather scale, and we have had cold storms since. James just doesn’t want to hear that it is raining/ gale force winds/ snowing, sleet: he just wants OUT. None of this wussy “we will get cold and wet”, oh no. I’m praying by the time he can reach the back door handle, it will be the balmy long summer months (power of intention people!)
(They are dusting themselves: this cleans their feathers. I couldn’t get a proper photo at all, they spent the day doing that)
We now have three lovely hens and a cockerel after several months of Imaginary Hens (when we had old bread or greens, I’d tell the boys to give it to the Imaginary Hens, in reality, the birds. It amused us endlessly initially and then we got so used to discussing the Imaginary Hens that we forgot they weren’t actually real….)
I bought the most fantastic baking book, after reading about it here. Seriously, it deserves a blogpost of its own, so that is what I will do. This post would be eye wateringly long with many shrieks and lip smacking, eye-rolling excitement otherwise.
Ditto my painting and my reclaimed studio (I will try to emit my screeches of delight before I sit down to write that bit)
I am in the middle of several works: art dolls, large paintings, collages… Oh, I am so inspired the minute I set foot in there, it is wonderful.
My only problem is lack of time. And “The Help”:
Especially from small little girls who have a fondness for glitter glue and communal artworks. You know those ones? Hmmmm. Yes.
(I couldn’t resist. This photo makes me laugh til I cry every time without fail. Grace loves posing. And dressing up. And is COMPLETELY oblivious to how totally insane most of her outfits are. It is hilarious)
And small boys who play the drums with your paintbrushes. And your carefully constructed and slowly drying art dolls… A problem indeed.