Today, we got the sad news that a wonderful friend of our family had passed away. John Wortley , his late wife and daughter Frances are fully responsible for our extended family and friends using homeopathy, and for a couple of trained homeopaths into the bargain too!

John, apart from his wealth of homeopathic knowledge, was an extraordinary wood sculptor; all us children remember many games playing with three wooden owls and many ducks my parents had, and our children love holding and playing with the ducks we have here. One Easter, years ago, my parents asked John to carve a little wooden bird for each of us (I think there were eight of us then) John carved eight different birds, and I remember vividly waiting my turn to choose a bird (youngest first!) There was a fat robin that I silently prayed would be my one. And it was!!

John was also a horticulturist (beautiful, productive garden; his compost bins and wood shed were a work of art), poultry keeper (he started us off keeping chickens; the stories of John battling against the mink were legend in our house 🙂 ) and a complete gentleman.

He had a fascinating, long, healthy life, and will be sadly missed by all of us.