Joy Pockets

Some pockets of joy this week- hooking up with Holistic Mama!


Oh, how I regularly (several times a day) wonder how I would manage as a mother without homeopathy (incidentally, not for myself, but for the myriad of falls, scratches, thorns, pain in the head/ear/butt/toe) and this week I spent longer throwing gratitude into the ether.

We have a small boy… the smallest, who has firmly established his place in the bed as being bang in the middle (sound familiar?) Normally not a problem, he is a squidgy delight of warm squishyness curled into fetal position in my arms.

Not so for the past two nights. The first night I was just so tired, I just put up with the wild donkey unleashed in our bed.

Last night, however, there was an angry mule in our bed. An angry mule on drugs. One who regularly flipped, kicked and insisted that he sleep naked in the middle with his two fools of parents hanging over the sides, grasping a corner of the duvet.

I was dreaming of what remedy I would give him, when I was beaten awake, thought : “right!!!!”, marched off downstairs and came up with a remedy which I wrestled between his clenched teeth, and minutes, yes minutes, later, he snuggled down and settled down.

Sleep. The all elusive thing all parents crave…

Birds & Bird feeders

This little fella was only twelve inches away… constantly entertaining throughout the day

Clear, crisp, dry (dry!!) November days


Trying to let go of needing a “finished product” for the moment while I just enjoy painting and experimenting.

Hoards of craft materials

When I have a Great Idea (!), the likelihood is that I have the materials to make it; hello many craft projects with the smallies!!

Dutch Apple Cake

Another Darina Allen delight. A recipe will come soon (I just about got a photo before it was gobbled down)

Cardboard Boxes

Angry Mule Boy cannot resist a cardboard box… in fact none of my children can. I sadly missed the picture of him squeezing his chubby legs into a tiny shoebox. Kept us laughing for ages.

My iPad

an early Christmas present from Beloved. I love it, love love, love it. I listen to the radio, podcasts (about everything! Wheeeee!!), I write, keep in touch via email, Facebook, allow myself five minutes here and there to get lost in Pinterest; we use it for our home education journey … Oh it is a wonderful little device 🙂