Your Children Will Love Me For This

This is a really fun thing for children to do: ours spent a good hour squawking with delight as it all fizzed and exploded. Simple and cheap, a great way to spend several hours over the coming holiday!

The ingredients are few, and you probably have them in the kitchen: bicarbonate of soda (bread soda), vinegar and food dye. In jars, put an inch of vinegar and enough food dye to dye it a vibrant colour.

Onto trays or plates with a lip, pour bread soda (plenty of enjoyment was had smoothing this all down and scrunching out any lumps!) and then with a spoon or pipette from a dropper bottle (we used pipettes) drop drops of colored vinegar onto the bread soda.

FIZZY COLOUR DELIGHTS!! The vinegar fizzes up and drops create fantastic bubbling patterns on the bread soda.

An hour later, our children started to branch out on the experimental side of things: mixing the colours, seeing whether other liquids would fizz, then making a giant bread soda volcano and pouring the vinegar into it.

Do this, oh do, even if you don’t have any children running around wanting entertainment :-)

10 thoughts on “Your Children Will Love Me For This

  1. Excellent! We did this once with some play dough – make a “volcano, dumped the bread soda into it and poured red vinegar into it. I think the lads were expecting a massive eruption and not a gently fizz but it still amused them!

  2. Thanks for sharing Emily! We did something very similar recently with bread soda, food dye and vinegar. We made a playdoe volcano and then set off the explosion. Great fun! And like you say kept them going for a long while! I love your blog. Its the sort of thing I would love to do! When do you get the time?

  3. oh what fun!
    I will definitely file ths away for the next time the really bad weather forces us to stay in for too long!
    Thanks for sharing
    Hope all is well

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