Freeform Crochet Hearts

After deciding I just didn’t have time to crochet, and probably wouldn’t for the the next, ohh, year, I made these on the car journeys over our holidays.

Pin cushions, or simply decorative, they are made from complementary coloured yarns in free-form style. No pattern, oh I love just making it up as I go along 🙂

I am trying to finish the vast amount of stuff I have made; this is taking up most of my time, and it has been a toss up between the “real work” of finishing and painting and “cherry-on-top-work” of blogging here.

And while uploading photos this morning, I relised it was Wednesday, and another Yarn Along, so joining up there with Ginny (gosh, just how long has it been since I did a Yarn Along??)

And so in the spirit of said Yarn Along, here are my reading offerings: I’ve been reading three or four fiction books a week (really enjoyed The Hunger Games trilogy and The Help), and delicious mixed media/fibre art books.

So many ideas cramming in my head, I am filling journals of ideas and sketches; I hope no-one ever looks through them- mostly completely unintelligible to anyone but my evidently abstract brain, hee hee