Cutie Kitchen

Our friend Henk (a.k.a. The Cabinetmaker) made a kitchen for Grace’s birthday- it has been in constant use for the two weeks since (and not just our little girl…). I love it, I love that is is Irish, local, hand-made. I love the little details, and I love that there is storage behind those curtains! (needless to say: Henk would be more than thrilled to receive any commissions for a project like this; what a great Christmas pressie for any child!)

Also note:

the veil: Susan made this for Grace along with a box of confetti, just in case she decided to have a wedding. Just what a girl needs when cooking up a storm in the kitchen 🙂

The beautiful painting above the kitchen is one of my dads: it is detailed here, with a time-lapse video of it here