Nettle Soup (YUM!!)

It is that time of year again. Nettle-season! My childrens favourite soup- not sure if it is the taste or the very green colour that tickles their fancy…

Nettles are SO FULL of nutrients, fantastic for cleansing blood and detoxing your system; and at their best around now. Pick a bag of the top four fresh leaves for this recipe.

(My recipe varies every time- depending on what I have to hand, but I do prefer to use leeks rather than onions. Everything here is optional! Apart from the nettles of course 🙂 )

In a large pan, I melt approx 100gs of butter, and sweat 8 chopped leeks. I cover them with  piece of greaseproof paper or butter wrapper and a tight fitting lid.

I add 8 sticks of celery, and approximately the same amount of purple sprouting broccoli (leaves, stalks and all)

2 chopped potatoes, a handful of parsley and a handful of seaweed, then the rinsed nettle leaves. I put the lid on and let it all wilt down on a LOW heat for approximately 20 minutes.

I make up a stock with 1 pint of vegetable stock (and I added Miso powder here- another fantastic health-giving food) and added it to the soup, then another pint of water (you can add as little or as much as you like)

I turn up the soup until it simmers, then simmer for 30 minutes.

Blend it up so you don’t frighten anyone with a floating nettle leaf!

Extra delish with some fluffy potato and a sprinkle of cream (to look good)