Yarn Along

Despite my whinging that I don’t have enough time, I completed another two necklaces, and have plans for something very exciting on the yarn front…

(the green/blue one is currently tied at the back: I had planned on a button closure, but I kinda like it tied. The one on the right sits to one side when worn. The flower is a peony- these lovely flowers are coming into bloom in our garden now)

My Grand Plan: I bought a “Crochet Circle Vest or Shrug” pattern from Craftsy because it was driving me mad trying to figure how it was made (oh, how clever it is)

So, with the yarn I bought from My Mummy Knits, I am going to make one (a small one for Grace for starters to get a feel of what I’m doing)

Sadly, even looking at the pattern makes my eyes swim (the pattern would be completely perfect if there had been some photos/diagrams) so I have worked out how to make it and I hope to start tonight (I could rue the error of my ways yet by my non-pattern-reading but we will see)

Along with reading (or trying to!!) the book of crochet blocks (as part of my Grand Plan), I started “A Book of Bees” (thanks Ginny!) So far, it is super. We need to start working the hive again, and no doubt there will be a swarm soon, so I want to get some “backgound information” on the bees: I have read the how-to manuals and the history etc, but this is something different; I’m really enjoying it.

So I’m off to see what everyone else has in their work baskets over at Small Things