My Own Yarn Along Moment

Had a hugely productive day yesterday: several dinners, lots of baking, major cleaning, and then completely forgot to post my Yarn Along… so I’ll just have a little “moment” here today… !

I finished the beret, which didn’t turn out as planned (or, rather, as unplanned) and I was not happy: it looks decidedly bonkers. I tried to just pretend it wasn’t, but, no. I have just come to the executive decision that I will rip it back and finish it again (nooooo)

I’ll photograph it before I rip (if I can get anyone to wear it for the photograph) (When I find it. I think I subconsciously hid it on myself)

How completely frustrating. The work! The time!! The (reusable) yarn… Anyhoo.

What I am making (finished last night actually) is a little crochet amigurumi bunny in a beautiful wool yarn. The plan (haw haw) is to crochet it, stuff it with wool and felt it in the machine. My other plan (hee hee) is to have four, (sorry James, forgot you for a second!) five bunnies for Easter morning (my 14 year old is sure to appreciate it)

More photographs of before-machine felting and after-machine felting coming soon!

I am mostly reading seed packets and gardening books… and homeopathic tomes: I have been so homeopathically busy- and getting some extraordinary results

The excitement in watching healing unfold… I really feel very blessed by it all.