New Year: Painting

I mentioned in a post a few days ago about my new “painting studio” arrangement… For the past few months, painting has been in my head; having a space to paint and general experimentation. I’ve been working away in sketchbooks and on a pretty compact scale, but have been yearning to go painterly wild. This has been fired up no end by following my bloggy friend all the way across the ocean in the US of A: Rita Maria. I have been keeping my beady eye on her painting journey for a year or two now, and have been practically salivating over her words as she embarked on a painting adventure which stretched her boundaries of painting experience and creativity…


(all paintings by Rita Maria)

I LOVE her abstract paintings- don’t you? Vibrant, luscious, and inspirational. 

I love them so much I bought myself a print (above, on windowsill) which arrived today- HURRAY!!! It’s gorgeous, the print quality is beautiful, and I cannot wait to get it framed and on the wall. This is going to be my mascot towards unlimited artistic freedom (and possible madness. Although someone around here remarked recently that that milestone has already been achieved)


As I paint, I’m pushing my own boundaries as to what I “can” and “can’t” do (it’s extraordinary how your head can make you pause indefinitely, making you believe that something like sloshing paint is something you can’t do), and, even though I start off with extraordinary energy and excitement, halfway through, I feel as though I have cycled almost to the summit of a hill and whilst pedalling furiously I am slipping backwards down that same darn hill. The struggle, therefore, is to keep going onwards and up!! Not a particularly easy task. In fact, it is frankly terrifying. But good and energising and fills me with horror and delight at the same time 🙂

And so I am experimenting: I’m using mixed media (goauche, watercolour, inks, acrylic) on Fabriano rather than oil on canvas (sometimes things out of your control can be a great thing: I usually have baby in the room or relatively near my while I paint so I don’t want any fumes from the process) The whole struggle not to paint in oils has been hideous and has caused sleepless nights (I know. Sad) (Maybe not as sad as dreaming of lichens every night for a week. Thats Very Sad) but painting in unfamiliar territory is teaching me more and will, I know, feed future oil paintings in great ways. And I’m starting to get the hang of these other mediums- wow, the freedom is extraordinary!!- and I just have to take a great big leap into the unknown. (I’m sure there is a fantastic quote that I could put in here to finish on a more succinct note, but no, couldn’t find any- a little difficult when a cute, bald baby is bashing a singing Cookie Monster toy on my knee!!)

(When I get my camera back- I have had to borrow one, and can’t use it properly- I’ll take decent photos- have a few more paintings on the go too!!)