Hope and Possibility!

Happy New Year! Wow, are the days flying by… I hadn’t meant to take quite a lengthy sabbatical, but never fear, things have been as busy as ever around here!! 😉

We are slowly getting back to our rhythm in the house now the twinkly lights and baubles have been packed away…

today we went walking in Portumna woods- what a beautiful mild January day it was!- lichen spotting

(sporting a handy magnifying glass-thank you Pat!!- and my lichen book. We even came home with several samples which we are compiling to make a herbarium)

(Truly, we are turning into a family of nerds)

When we took down the Christmas tree, we moved things around in the sitting room to give me a space to paint… and this beautiful cupboard to put all the necessary “stuff”

(Once I get “my” cupboard properly organised I’ll take a few proper photographs)

and so I don’t know myself having somewhere to store all my bits and pieces, paints, brushes etc etc. I am painting/ art making in the house for the moment, as the studio is too far from the house and I really have to take any few minutes when I get them during the day or, usually, evening (needless to say I’m appallingly untidy and disorganised so I (and my beloved husband) hope this arrangement will curb the flow of creative accoutrements from invading the entire house)

I am also moving things around here on the blog… bear with me, my time is very limited, and usually involves a babe-in-arms nursing or pretending to nurse while all the time has one eye on the screen trying to type with his foot (I jest not)

I love this time of the year- Its so full of hope and possibility. I have so many plans and dreams and hopes for 2012!!! Thank you for reading, and looking forward to a year full of great things! 🙂