Craft♥Advent Day 3: Flavoured Oils & Sugars

This craft today is a quick one: but a really lovely, useful present: flavoured, fragrant oils and sugars are delicious additions that anyone who cooks will be delighted to receive!

The first is Vanilla Sugar- (you can also make lavender sugar)

In a large jar (I used a kilner jar), fill it with sugar, and into this put a vanilla pod (or stalks of lavender) and leave for a couple of weeks to infuse. That simple!!

The flavoured oils are as simple: decide on what flavour you want: herbs, chillies, peppercorns are all a good choice. I chose organic rosemary and peppercorns in olive oil. In a glass bottle, you put your herbs or whatever you have chosen into the oil to infuse for a couple of weeks.

Made now, these, decorated with beautiful fabric tied around the lids with handmade tags, are a simple, beautiful and useful present for a loved one in your life!