Yarn Along & Craft♥Advent Linky Party!

Oh dear.

As indicative of where my head is at, I took this photo yesterday in order to be organised for Yarn Along today… and then forgot to post my Yarn Along post… until now. I’m in Craft♥Advent Linky Party mode (thank you to everyone who emailed to get involved- should be a GREAT party!!) and so, am ever so slightly scattered…

These red squares are the makings of slippers for Grace (the ladybirds are buttons, and I plan to embroider little leaves on top) The yarn was gorgeous to use: from My Mummy Knits, I bought a parcel of yarn from them earlier in the year and it has been a pleasure to crochet with every time.

The slippers pattern is one I am currently writing (I think I’m going to have to ask for assistance from my pattern-writer-extraordinaire-sister; pattern writing, I have found, is not a skill I possess) and I’ll be posting it as a tutorial during the Craft♥Advent Linky Party

The extent of my reading these days is our bird watching books- we have put up new bird feeders and are watching feathered shenanagins all day long. The feeders are hanging right at our window, and after a day or two, the birds have become so used to us moving around inside the house, they fly back and forth and take no notice of any of us watching them (even when the children are pressed up against the window- I always think that to the birds they must look like the illustrations from the squashed fairy book!!)

Two years ago, we sighted 9 different bird varieties in one day; 4 has been our record so far this year.

Now, before I get any more side-tracked, I’m off to check out the other yarners over at Small Things!