Yarn Along

Despite having these photos taken early (failing light is proving to be very challenging this weather) I didn’t get to the computer to post this til now…

So, joining in with Ginny again this week for Yarn Along...

To start with the books I’m reading: a crafty Christmas book to give me some ideas for the season ahead (although, I have to admit, I didn’t find this book overly inspiring, but like having my Christmas books on hand at this time of year) and “Eating for Ireland” by Tom Dooley, which is hugely entertaining (and lots of delicious recipes thrown in here and there)

I finished these slippers for Grace- then embroidered a leaf and sewed on these lovely ladybird buttons I have had for ages waiting for the right project… I will be posting the tutorial for these during the next month in my Craft♥Advent Linky Party (starting tomorrow!!- thank goodness I’m organised. For once)

I also finished the Baptismal Shawl for James. Unfortunately, I feel it is too small, but due to the haphazard nature of my lack-of-pattern and the fact that I made it up as I went along makes it difficult to remedy… and the thoughts of crocheting around it again makes me want to weep (beat me if I ever start something in 4ply cotton again please) so I am going to go a bit free-form and turn it into more of a cape-like garment.


So. Moving swiftly on… I’m off to check out other yarn Along-ers and get ready for tomorrow… See you then!