I swear, my children practically weep with sheer delight when they know we are going to my mothers for Sunday lunch. They love my cooking, but I think they feel my mothers cooking is just an ideal I aspire to…

I cooked a roast chicken dinner for them last night (with apple tart for after- I’m definitely trying to be my mother) and made fried rice with the leftovers tonight. I had fried rice with onions and some carrot and turnip (above) Frankly, I feel I have discovered a New Taste Sensation!

(strangely, my discovery of tuna and jam on wholewheat bread dipped into soup didn’t quite take off  :-O )

Today flew by quickly: our weather has been mild and only slightly damp the past few days, so Little Girl, Smallest Boy, Middle Child and I went to pick some of the last flowers in the garden… and to pick all the rosebuds in the hope of them blooming in the vase rather than rot when the wetter, colder weather arrives soon.

Our little girl needed to change for what seemed like the hundreth time today (apparently this runs in families: my youngest sister always was, and still is, afflicted with it) to help me change baby,

help her daddy by making him posters to tell him what to do:

before the fog and mist came up from the valley (heralding yet another change of attire for some people) and forcing us indoors for the afore-mentioned New Taste Sensation.

(taken by eldest son)

(taken by my second-eldest son)

Weekends just fly by too fast.