Whilst On a Roll…

All or nothing with me, that’s what I say…

Some photos from the past few days/weeks of life around here…

This little girl has never faltered in her unwavering adoration of her chubby-cheeked brother (and he just jumps for joy when she or one of the boys come into his line of focus… he bestowes big open mouthed sloppy kisses freely)

This little girl is also in the process of taking over our kitchen/living room with her elaborate games involving hundreds of dolls, her wooden-pig farm, Peppa Pig and family (thank you Deirdre!)

There is a lot of this… he is infinitely more philosophical when in close proximity to a breast and often the longest and happiest chats are supplemented with a bit of nursing (and isn’t his jumper just gorgeous? Made by Tara, it thankfully still fits- aren’t handknits just magical- and I simply love that cow button!!)

Winter was cold last year- colder than it had ever been in my memory… a porch at the back door should act as a bit of a buffer-zone against the elements: (the immensely beleaguered talented harassed and hard-working) Fergal and the boys put it up in little more than a weekend, and already has become a warm, sunny spot (and houses all those piles of wellies, wet coats, wet smelly dogs and wet cats that want, but aren’t welcome, to be in the kitchen!)

I’ve constantly give thanks for being so blessed with not just a wonderful family, but blessed over with fantastic friends… these are little flowerpot-shaped cupcakes with the most light and mousse-y green icing, topped with these show-stopping flowers, made by my friend Sophie who out-does herself every time! (I need to do a talented-friends-show-and-tell: seriously, between handknits to die for (I really need to learn to knit), baking, sewing and general crafty goodness, our home is becoming a showcase for our very gifted and accomplished buddies)

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