On a Cold Day

Our boys were gone to a science exhibition today, so our small girl and I were at home with the baby, who, miraculously slept for about an hour. In his little cot.

A dear friend of mine

(one of the many, I must add, who have made dinners, desserts, ran errands, cleaned and took care of me since baby arrived. Once again, I feel truly blessed)

cleaned and tidied the kitchen yesterday while making us dinner. What a delight that was: the worktops were slowly disappearing and every time I started the mammoth task of tidying, baby would wake starving (he seems to be in a permanent state of starvation!!)

So today, Grace and I painted and baked while he slept. These flowers are from my friends garden, and I took a notion to paint them- I’m not a flower-painter as such- but it was so relaxing.
Grace glued every small piece of paper she could find into her notebook, adding stickers and paint with abandon. It was great.

Then we had some warm soda bread with butter before the little boy woke. (I’ll add a recipe later, it is so delicious and easy to make)

So now we are here beside the stove (it is so cold), our boys are home, listening to music before they go to bed. Everyone is tired, I welcome the thought of the weekend being here at last! πŸ™‚