Yarn Along- Baptismal Shawl

For the longest time I’ve been meaning to post in Yarn Along…: I’ve been busily making hats, blankets, and ehh, more hats (our small girl loves hats), and eventually this morning I realised that not only was today Yarn Along Wednesday, but that I was working on some crochet I could post about. (unfortunately, though, as you can see, I have been reduced to reading beautiful home magazines which make me despair even more at my unbelieveably untidy house, as I have read everything else in the past three weeks and haven’t made it to the library yet)

So, what I am making at the minute is a Baptismal Shawl for our little man. I am making it in 4ply white cotton, and am using a size 4 hook. I would prefer to use a much smaller hook, but it would take me forever to work it up in the limited time I have as it is, and I would like to have him baptised before he is 20 🙂

Another “minor” thing which makes this a long process is that I have another small pair of helping hands (see picture, above) resulting in two steps forward, one step back…

This is the beginning central flower: my plan is to work it in the round (I’ve been thinking of mandalas),

basically making it up as I go along!!  🙂  

On all matters crochet- do check out this FANTASTIC tutorial over at the Gingerbread Lady- (hard to believe we are related- she definitely got all the organisational and list-making genes)

I’m going to start organising yarns so that when I am finished this shawl I will be starting one of these blankets for our bed. 

(Well, I’m just hoping that action will naturally follow intention on this one…)