Crafting at the Speed of Light

In between trying to get baby-organised 

(sort-wash-dry-fold-decide what is needed-write a million lists that I promptly lose)

with a small one by my side, exclaiming “ohhh, how quuuuuu-ooo-te (cute)!!!” and small dolls being last in mountains of baby clothes and bed clothes, we decided to make another little doll to add to the (rather extensive) dollhouse doll collection. 

It is probably about two years ago since I made these little dolls- I used Salley Mavors wonderful book “Felt Wee Folk”- and they consist of pipe cleaners wrapped in embroidery cotton, with a wooden painted head. Grace has been playing with the ones I had made, and loved and was fascinated that we had made these (I had made some and the boys had made some too) so today we embarked on a doll making session which lasted all of about… oh, 20 minutes (crafting with small ones tends to be a super-fast event)

While I wrapped boots, then body, then hands,


 Grace industriously chopped up pieces of yarn into 1-inch lengths (great bit of distraction, har har) Every so often she would lean over to chop whatever embroidery cotton I was using as a help, you understand… (I’m getting ever-defter at dodging these helpful attacks)

(apologies for the photo- I was holding someone back with one hand)

I painted the face, she painted the hair (pink- of course) and then we glued on a little acorn shell as a hat (I’ve been collecting these every year since I read Salleys book. They fit perfectly and hide the hole in the bead)

As soon as the glue was dry (well, just about dry) this little dolly was brought straight into doll-family life (look at those chubby-licious hands!!! And painted tablecloth!!!)


Back to the: sort-wash-dry-fold-decide what is needed-write a million lists that I promptly lose…