Yarn Along

Joining Ginny for Yarn Along after a loooong break…. 

(I have been working and typing here all morning with a little one practically attached to me, singing, playing and reading, and every time I set up this to take, little dollhouse dolls would “magically” appear in the photo!!!)

…but I wasn’t slacking on the crochet front; oh no! I have been making (dare I say it) Christmas presents. My homeopath, Monica, had the most beautiful scarf on a couple of months ago- and an ingenious one too- there was a slit on the scarf on one side where you fed the other side through. 

 This played around in my head, and when I ordered (and promptly received) the most beautiful yarn from My Mummy Knits 

(I found Carol through Yarn Along, and had been salivating over her yarns for ages. The yarn itself is gorgeous, and it worked out cheaper to have it posted from America to Ireland than buy anything similar here!!!) 

 I made up a pattern (in my usual way, make it up as I go along…) which (actually) worked out beautifully. So I made another, and am on my third. I also ordered a lilac yarn which I am going to start (today, hopefully) some little baby things. 

 This first scarf I hope to embellish with flowers and buttons in red (these haven’t been attached yet, I need to make  more to add to it) Carol always pops in something extra, and this red yarn was my (much appreciated) extra! It is really lovely with the navy, isn’t it?

 The book I’m reading is The Concise History Of Ireland by Sean Duffy. I had originally planned to begin reading this to our children, but it is really a bit dense with information, so I am reading it and then simplifying it down a bit, but oh my goodness, it is such a completely absorbing read. And very relevant,as a lot of our history has been found buried under bogs, and we have been working the bog for a while now.

Looking forward to spending time seeing what everyone else has been making and reading, and do check out My Mummy Knits for some beautiful yarn, patterns and a lovely blog too!