Two Weeks Ago

Two weeks ago we celebrated Fathers Day – spending the morning making cards for our most beloved daddy while he got a very rare lie-in- we had lots of cards and a few little presents; warned small ones not to say anything and let daddy have a sleep in, but that was not to be: he was woken with a full and frank inventory of what was downstairs, who made what and how this was a all a Big Secret. 


I do try though…

 Later that day we decided to take off for the day, it being Fathers Day after all, to the Kildare County Show, where we wandered around eating candy floss

and looking at funny hens

and gorgeous pigs;

David Day from Jabba Jabba Jembe entertained, demonstrated and invited all to join in his drumming circle,

my friend Tara and her husband Pat (The Bat-man) made this fantastic willow dome (with their friends Drew and James too):

and later there was a chainsaw demonstration and we came home with one of these little wooden chairs made in one piece, with said chainsaw, from one block of wood (check it out in situ in the Babies Tea Shop!!)

Meanwhile, home here…

the little ones are continuing their fruit diet, eating their body-weight in raspberries, black, red -and-white currants,

a few (measly) strawberries (next year my aim is to have luscious strawberries- and plenty of them!)

and gooseberries.

I have to keep a close eye on my peas, as a few are swiped everyday well before they are ready…

(I see green bits in your teeth, little girl)