After a very unplanned blog-break, which, as time went on, became more and more difficult to start back again, I’m back. I won’t delve into the series of madnesses that were happening around here: we have had First Communion, sick babies, manic house cleaning (nesting gone nuts) and sheer, overwhelming exhaustion. 


But things have begun to slow down. The house is (quite) tidy even though our smallest is doing her best to reverse this trend

(this is taken as a “before” picture. This is a typical morning in our home: in the foreground there is a tea-shop for babies, behind this, the “tree-house” where the babies live, and in the background Liam set up his shop and bank- they are discussing the exchange rate of dollar to euro (I kid you not))

(my children are aspirational eBay buyers and spend a lot of time talking about exchange rates for the money they don’t have, and the items the would like to buy, (on eBay) (but never will))

Listening to a discussion like this between an-almost three year old and 6 (and a half) year old was nothing short of hilarious.

I have an epic post – but will decant them into more manageable shorter ones!! – but for now want to show you the first of our raspberry jam: the raspberries have ripened much earlier this year, and so far in the past 3 days we have picked 5 kilos! (and they are still laden with fruit every day. I love raspberries)

And aren’t the flowers just beautiful? Roses, honeysuckle and clematis. I’m hoping to get a chance to draw and paint these today. Can’t wait! 

July tomorrow already… June has passed in a bit of a blur… every morning our little ones say “not long before our baby arrives!” Need to get organised.

Soon. Very, very soon.