Not Enough Hours

Crikey. A week comes along quickly…

This one has been FULL- along with all the “normal stuff”, I’ve been working hard at getting paintings to a point I’m happy with for the impending Athy Art Group Annual Exhibition (only 2 weeks away, eeek)

I’ve been working on them for ages and ages, layer after layer; the odd sanding when they just ground to a halt… I’m using cartography (reproducing maps), old aerial photographs, my own reference photographs and drawings… I’ve been using maps in a small way for a long time, and aerial photography just excites me beyond belief (I know, I know: get a life) 

Another recurrent obsession has been Art Dolls for some time, and I’ve been working on these two (We were doing work on frogs and tadpoles the other day, and the boys thought it would be inspiring to turn these into Art Frogs. But no.)

And in the middle of all this making, creating, frogs, astronomy and natural disasters, I’ve fallen behind on my assignments for the Lineanograta Illustration course ( 🙁 Sorry Julia!!) I have to post one for last week, and get moving on this weeks one…

(Ideas for assignments that never quite come to fruition. But I’m working on it)

And finally, in those “spare moments” (what? what are they?!), I’m working on a whole new set of illustrated and photographic cards and stationery

I’m hoping within the next few weeks to have a set of photographic/recipe cards, vintage inspired, illustrated and seasonal cards.

Sooner, of course, if I can just find another few hours in every day…