Yarn Along

Joining Ginny for Yarn Along again this week!

I haven’t been doing much crochet this week- just a few more rows onto the square for my neighbour… I’ve been taken up with painting (see previous post! – and I’m partaking in the Lineanograta Illustration eCourse) and I’m almost too tired to even crochet by the time I flop down late at night. 

 On the reading front, just as I needed something to read, a parcel arrived from a dear friend of mine, with this book (Birth Without Violence), this morning! I have wanted to read this for so long, and I reckon as I approach my third trimester on my fifth baby, maybe it would be good to read it now 😉 …

And there is also a lot of reading with smallies going on here too (we have had a complete weather change: from balmy warm days to rain and wind, so we are all indoors a lot more) My children love the Oliver Jeffers “Boy” series:- what gorgeous illustrations and funny, touching stories!

* * * * * * * * *

 I made an apple tart for our smallest son last night, then had visitors (They could smell it cooking, we reckon) so that was scoffed rather quickly, and so I had to make him another. So there is a pot of tea on the table and a slice of that second tart beckoning me now… enjoy looking through the other “Yarn Along”s!