Our Creative Days

The thing about being at home with your children all day is that you (quickly) come to the understanding and realisation that you will just never get a couple of hours together to… be creative, have long leisurely baths or whatever rocks your boat…

It just doesn’t happen. 

And you know? That’s okay with me. I have my time to do what I have to do at night, and I have accepted that if I want to enjoy the equilibrium and relative peace and happiness on a daily basis in our home, then thats how things are going to be for some time! And besides, the kisses, cuddles and hilarious one-liners that I am privileged to have and hear make it all worth while 😉

Today was a case in point… a friend of mine has had a very worrying diagnosis, and I dreamt of this painting for her last night… and began to paint this morning…

In between playing jigsaws

sorting letters and making words

 painting and gluing together 

(as well as lunch, snacks, dinner, reading for hours, armchair-counseling and all the other things that involved my boys who have a complete embargo on my photographing them for this blog. “Someone” might see them y’see)

The tidying up sometimes takes longer than the playing!!

But I finished it this evening… and am so pleased with it!

I’ll post more photos later in the week… and see you tomorrow when I join Ginny for Yarn Along!