This Sunday: Mothers Day

Today is Mothers Day- I came down to breakfast greeted by cards, flowers and kisses: a great way to start a day! 

We spent most of the day in the garden- the sun came out again after an overcast, damp week. 

Fergal has completed the second lazy-bed for our potatoes (note his little shadow close by as always!!) I managed to squeeze in 6 little cabbages at the end of a bed. My seedlings are starting to appear! I have to resist the urge to “help” them along by doing a bit of plant midwifery…

 Our beehive is, literally, buzzing with life…

Look at these little critters!

We can stand a couple of feet from the hive and watch them flying in and out without any fear of them coming near. We might even get some honey this year, yay!

 And this is the progress of the willow fence: 


You can’t see them, but there are sugar snap peas planted at the base of the fence, so when they grow more, they will have the trellis to climb on. 

♥ ♥ ♥ Happy Mothers Day to all Mothers out there! ♥ ♥ ♥