The Dolls Supermarket

Years ago, (well, probably about 20) as a Christmas present I received a little dolls supermarket- cash register, weighing scales, desk, conveyer belt, and fruit and vegetables to go in my “shop”.

Oh the hours and hours of delight we had- being second eldest of nine there was always someone to play with you, and the younger ones would be so excited as us older ones would construct houses, palaces and shops (apart from the supermarket, we also had a milliners, where we made all the hats, and a haberdashery that sold tiny balls of yarn and miniature needles-all handmade by ourselves) I often tell my children these stories (I had to stop them from phrasing their asking for stories from “long, long, long ago”) and delight in the detail as much as they do!

A year or so ago, my younger sister gave me a box of different bits and pieces, but as they were predominantly Barbie-pink, our boys shunned them, and our small girl wasn’t old enough to be interested.

But that all changed this week when we  re-found the box…

With utter excitement our smallest emptied the box “Look! Bawbie kitchen!!!”, and at the bottom, lay my supermarket. I’m not quite sure who was more excited to be honest…

So under the cover of darkness, and staying up waaaay to late, Fergal and I made some fruit and vegetables to stock a little shop (oh, the memories of making playdough cabbages!!!) We made them from Stockmar wax sheets (so gorgeous to use) and set up shop to be discovered by our little ones in the morning.

(note that our dollies only drive convertibles and helicopters, we are a very opulent neighbourhood)… 

They spent all morning playing, buying their shopping and restocking the shop, with great plans for entire shopping centres!!! Ooh, I feel about nine again!!


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