Walk In The Woods

When we moved here around 8 years ago, the forest at the end of the boreen had been partially felled, and then replanted.

We went walking through there yesterday, astounded by how quickly these trees have suddenly shot up…

Although only a couple of kilometers from the road, there was an absolute silence (except for our chatter!) We went looking for evidence of deer, and found some:

deer poops (always very exciting)

and a stags antler (which inspired a great discussion about what Stone Age people would have used it for- weapons, carved into tools, back-scratchers…)

Of course it started to rain, but we got home just in time before we got too wet, and threw together a delicious carbonara (no photographs, but I will post this recipe in the next few days, it was so good, and so fast)


(We were welcomed by the Rosa Rugosa buds as we ran home in the rain!!)