Getting Ready for Spring

Never again will I say that Spring is here. I definitely jinxed myself this week. Another day of freezing fog… which, strangely by 3pm when the light was fading, the fog was lifting somewhat, which inspired us to go out into the garden to do some essential pruning, sweeping and raking.

It’s so lovely to find daffodils peeping up from the cold soil- only a few more weeks and there will be a glorious explosion of daffodil yellow everywhere!

Our little one went for a walk with her babies and the cat…

Leaves make fantastic compost (although they do take a long while to rot down to crumbly “black gold”):

Just as  the night set in, we cleared this pathway- it’s a bit odd as it goes nowhere- it was the original path from the front door when this house was built 107 years ago… I have been thinking of what I would put at the end of this path where the gate would have been- a bench? A sculptural piece?

Do you have any ideas?


And then, the warn glow from the house beckoned us in, to start dinner, baths and winding down for the night…